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Motorsports is a term used to describe any kind of sport that features a vehicle with a motor engine. It can relate to any type of competition, whether it is racing or non-racing, and does not just strictly apply to cars but also encompasses motorcycle sports. All types of motorsports have large followings and here at sumterracing.com we aim to cover all aspects.

Who’s Who and What’s What

A big part of motor racing is in the Who’s Who of the racing world. It is not just about the car or the bike but also about the drivers themselves. A car cannot drive itself now, can it? Knowing the driver of a particular car can greatly influence the expected outcome of a race so, bearing this in mind, we will cover a number of the top drivers, past and present, which any motorsports enthusiast should know about. It is also important to know the manufacturers. In conjunction with the driver, they can only do so much good with a poor piece of machinery. From McLaren to Ferrari, Mercedes to Renault, we will cover them all.

Race Time

Of course, it is also important to cover all the sporting events that take place. We will outline big tournaments in all areas of motorsports, providing insights and history as well. This will encompass not only the obvious events such as Formula One racing, but also Formula E, IndyCar Series, NASCAR and, of course, two-wheeled Motorcycle racing.

Join us and drive into the world of motorsports!