Getting your heart racing

There is nothing like watching a good car race to get the blood flowing and the spirit rising. And what better way to add to the excitement and frenetic energy than by placing a few little wagers. Motor sports racing has become one of the most popular sports in the world and with a number of prestigious races around the world, it is not hard to see why.

The Monte Carlo Rally was first held in 1911. This asphalt rally race is the yearly season-opener and will have even the biggest cynic hanging on the edge of their seat. Part of its charm is the inability to guess the natural conditions, with drivers having to simply cope with what Mother Nature throws at them. This makes it one of the more unpredictable racing options and opens up endless gambling opportunities. Oftentimes, this race will provide punters with excellent odds and provide potentially huge winnings, and there are a number of online resources which can help the novice to understand more about terms such as spread betting, stakes and odds.

The Dakar Rally is notorious for its danger and aggressive conditions. It was first held in 1979 and to win really means something. Drivers need to make it out of this race alive, and every year there are some who don’t. In some cases, drivers have been left for days, stranded after severe mechanical failures hit, even resorting to burning it in order to create a smoke signal for help.

The number one race is Le Mans. First held in 1923, this exceptional 24-hour race is something to behold. Most races in recent times have been modernized, upgraded and controlled, but not Le Mans. After the race has begun, cars can disappear for days, crashes occur in the depths of the night, drivers struggle to repair their cars on the side of the tracks, you name it, it happens.