How to Easily Organize a Poker Run

A poker run is a great way to raise funds for a good cause and have fun doing it. Regardless of the scale of your event, with just a few steps you’ll organize the best Poker Run of the year.

What You Should Do

First, you should decide on how the players will be chosen. You can set up an online raffle and send out invitations to various car collectors, C-suits, or business owners, asking them to participate in the race. You can establish an entry fee or vote-in the participants.

Map out the circuit of the poker run and share the itinerary by email to the participants. Highlight the checkpoints and what the players should do when they reach each stop.

Do some online research by visiting specialized sites such as Bonus Poker to learn about the various types of poker available. Depending on the game you wish to focus on, you can decide what players should do at each checkpoint. If you’ve decided on standard poker, then players should just draw a card, but if you’ve chosen Texas Hold’em or Omaha you can add a challenge to the game. When the player completes the challenge, he’ll receive his hole card by email on his phone or tablet.

When all players have their cards, they should reach a centre meeting point. At this location, all drivers will play the poker game of your choice using the cards they’ve received during the race.

To give your event a more casino-type feel you can rent a poker table and hire professional dealer from the local casino. However, as the host of the event you can take on the dealer’s role.

The winner of the poker game will donate the funds raised during the event to the charity he supports.

Before We Go

A poker run is an amazing opportunity to raise funds in an entertaining way. You’ll bring awareness about the importance of helping people in need as well as about the significance of responsible gambling.